inside-out stool

The theme of this assignment is concept and imagination. The aim was to design a stool from a 1220 x 2440 mm x 18 mm plate of MDF with a reversible cover. This stool cover was to be optimally suited for an interior space on the one side. The other side of this cover was to be expressive in a particular outdoor space. A repurposed church was chosen for the interior space and the courtyard of a residential complex was chosen for the outdoor area. An analytical attitude was needed in the design process regarding imagination, decision making, and ability to plan in a limited time. The cover and the Multiplex stool are designed in such a way that they are not separate components but one unit. Nevertheless the stool can still adjusted according to the space. The construction of the stool itself is reversible because the legs rotate a 180 degrees with the cover around it!

KvK 59442689
BTW NL.8534.88.162.B.01