globe-display-travel case

The assignment was to create a product concept for a display object which could also be used as a travel case for a specific group of collectors. A choice was made for a collector of shells. The importance of geography and a timeline for shell collectors in order to compare, classify and share information about shells is the primary point of departure for the design of this display unit. Where a shell is found is of utmost importance. By using a globe as the starting point for the display, the geography of a species of shells is immediately visualized. The concept is to create a grid of points over this entire globe-case in order to attach the containers with shells anywhere. A (printed) timeline in the foot of this display also conveys the information in a two dimensional manner. The use of clear display containers protects the shell. The enclosed pocket microscope allows for a close-up study of each species.

KvK 59442689
BTW NL.8534.88.162.B.01