city makers project neighborhood lab

This Neighborhood Lab concept was part of a city maker project together with 2 other designers and the municipality of Breda in a program by the Stimuleringsfonds which aims at working differently (together from bottom to top) by the municipality, institutions, organizations and its citizens. The purpose of this concept is to retrieve visual feedback by the residents themselves about the wishes and people in their neighborhood by means of photos. This feedback is printed as polaroid / instax photos and arranged according to themes that are relevant to the neighborhood in specially designed showcases. This collection of photos forms the basis for the brainstorming session that follows with citizens, municipality and participating organizations in order to arrive at a program of requirements for the neighborhood. This program of requirements is a future reference for desirable or necessary developments in this neighborhood  by the municipality, organizations, housing, project developers and citizen initiatives. This concept is still being developed for implementation.

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