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Awareness is regarded as important starting point for product design by studio Maakr & Mekpaj in addition to sustainability.  The basis for a concept not only consists of the function, shape, color and the materialization of the product. The experience or awareness achieved through the use of the product is important as well.

A current product is an example of this; the Happy Hero, (< link) the DIY good-luck doll for young and old. This is a mindfulness product for children from the age of 5-6. It is an original concept particularly meant to help children to learn about and practice mindfulness. The product trains the child or person to focus on the positive things by writing down or drawing all sorts of daily moments of happiness, be they big or small, with the pencil and the writing pad or drawing pad on the back of the Happy Hero. These notes are collected in the loops on the belly of the lucky doll. This way the Happy Hero aids in the realization that happiness is actually an awareness and not so much a possession.

The design is focused on the writing down and collecting of the moments of happiness. In addition, the fabrication of the Happy Hero has been kept simple. That way, this product may be manufactured by a local CSR company when sales turn out to be profitable. The design of this lucky doll also has a certain symbolism. The head, hands and feet are formed by a knot to show that achieving positive awareness by contrast is not about ‘tying yourself into knots’. Sustainable materials are preferably used for the fabrication of the Happy Hero.  For more information please use contact details in the footer below.