spatial design

Spatial design is more than an interior advice. Such a design is conceptual. It can be a device or a room in an indoor- or outdoor space. It gives form to the world in color, material, word, image and human dimension, but in addition spatial design explores the possibilities of bringing people into movement or turmoil with a 3 dimensional design. Such a design can shape the experience of a general public space for a social event but also from a commercial point of view such as a temporary stand construction or an exhibition. The identity as a designer, the brief of the client and / or user, the space in its environment and the experience of it are central. Experience that evokes wonder through spatial design is an important starting point for studio Maakr & Mekpaj.

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concept & product development

Concept and product development for CSR companies. Studio Maakr & Mekpaj is happy to contribute to the product development for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) companies such as organizations with social workplaces. A product concept can be designed based on the preference for production facilities, skill of the participants, available materials, target group, etc. Products that have already been produced can possibly be modernized or expanded upon in accordance with the market or the client for the product.

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interior design, branding - identity & styling

Interior advice and design for companies and individuals.
With studio Maakr & Mekpaj the functional design of a space comes first. A good clear layout of a room according to the functions, the walking route, natural light and a lighting plan is the priority of an interior advice. However an  advice or design for a specific facet of your interior is a possibility. Color is also important for the experience of a space. Studio Maakr can give you just a specific color advice per room if so desired. The style of the furniture, lighting, window dressing and the floor covering are the icing and a personal preference, but advice in this area can often be desirable to create unity and peace within a room or space. Studio Maakr can assist you with such a style choice.    

For companies, something more than an interior advice is required. Branding or positioning of a corporate identity is important. Studio Maakr can devise a concept for an interior design that does justice to the unique identity of small companies and organizations. In addition, a long work experience and service can be offered in the decoration and styling of retail interiors, displays, hospitality and catering facilities for recurring events such as sales, Christmas and other promotions. Studio Maakr can design and / or implement a concept for such events for all kinds of small businesses.

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