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Design studio Maakr & Mekpaj is the name of the studio for spatial design. The focus of studio Maakr lies on spatial and interior design, product design, concept and product development for CSR companies. The design principles are: sustainability, people, planet > profit & :-).  Mekpaj is the label for the products. Mekpaj is the phonetic writing out in Dutch of the English word ‘magpie’. A magpie is an enterprising bird that builds several gigantic nests and recycles all kinds of things for these closed spatial constructions. That is why this bird is used as an appropriate name for the studio, the label and logo.  Studio Maakr also prefers to use durable and/or recycled materials as a starting point for the concepts of products, interior and spatial design for the customer.

Motivation or starting point for the concepts of spatial design, interior design and products for companies, organizations and individuals by Maakr & Mekpaj can be summed up as follows; straightforward, honest, functional, practical, sustainable and socially responsible design ( which preferably brings a smile).